Global Link Career Foundation, trading as “Global Link Career” (formally known as Active Link Career Foundation) was established in 2015 with the prime objective of providing proper training, preparation, counseling and career guidance to Nepalese students aspiring to study abroad. In these years it has emerged as one of the well-known educational consultancy in Nepal, and is dedicated to giving a proper portal through which the process of studying abroad is simplified and the dreams of many proficient students is realized. We at Global Link comprise a group of highly skilled and motivated counselors with a huge experience in the field of foreign education.

Today an increasing number of Nepalese students opt going abroad for further studies. The system of Education adopted by Nepal is one of the best in the world, however it also has setbacks. Though the primary, secondary and high school studies in Nepal is of international standard, the students find themselves at a loss when it comes to graduate, vocational,  technical, and higher specialized courses. Therefore, the trend of going abroad for studies is ever increasing. Proper education enlarges the sphere of understanding, and that can only come with the synergism of a number of factors – a dedicated pupil, a learned and motivated teacher, a favorable environment and adequate resource. It is due to the lack of advanced education system and modern technology, year after year a huge number of genuine and talented Nepalese students go abroad for further studies.