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Why USA?

USA is the land of dreams and opportunities. Every year there are many students who want to study in the US. USA pulls a large number of students every year across the world. It allows plenty of courses for students and the standard of education in USA is much greater as compared to other foreign countries.

We Process for : Study | Visit | Tourist | Business visas

Are you worrying about financial documents for USA Visa interview??

From June 1st 2016 Financial documents like; Bank Balance, Property Valuation, Audit report, CA report NOT REQUIRED for USA VISA Interview. No need to spend large amount of money for those documents.  But note that You need sufficient financial means to study Abroad.

Study Options

Associate | Bachelors | Masters (100s of Course offered)

Major Courses (frequently asked and/or applied)

  • Engineering (several stream)
  • Science (several stream)
  • Nursing(RN)
  • Dental Hygine
  • Public Health/Health Care management
  • Business management/Accounting/Finance
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Computer professional program(several stream)
  • Educational Leadership/Teaching/Early Childhood
  • Public Administration
  • Creative Writing
  • Criminal Justice
  • And Many more ………….      

Visa application guidance and interview guidance will be provided free of cost. 


1 . I heard that if i wear black for my interview, i won’t get a visa. Is this true?

Absolutely not. You are welcome to wear any color of clothing to the interview.

2. I heard that the lady Consular Officer is really strict and I won’t get a visa if she’s my Interviewer,Is this true?

No, Every interviewing officer gives each applicant every consideration consistent with U.S immigration law, At the time of the interview, you must demonstrate that you intend to study; that you have the ability to maintain your student status in U.S; that you can afford to study in the U.S; and that you intend to return to your homeland. we do not have right to take decision to reject or approve your visa.

3. I heard that before my interview, Consular Officers have already decided whether I qualify for a Visa. Is this true?

No,while documents can be helpful to your application, it is the interview that is the basis for the decision on your visa application.

4. Having a long hair affect visa?

No, having long hair does not affect your visa interview It’s your life and we do not reject visa on hair basis.

5. I have a friend who applied with genuine documents and was refused and a friend who applied with fake documents and was issued a visa. Does that mean that people who apply with fake documents have a better chance of getting a visa?

The U.S Embassy takes fraudulent documents very seriously, If you present fake documents or misrepresent yourself in any way during visa interview, you risk being permanently barred from entering United States. Using fake documents can lead to investigation by Police and criminal prosecution. Do not use fake documents.

6. I heard that it’s hard to get visa form old lady?

No, As a officer he/she has right to ask you question about your course, financial and intend to return back to your home . the way of asking question is different from every consular you must give a honest answer and depends upon how you face the interview.

7. I heard there is visa quota for each day?

No, there is no number of quota for application. All qualified students are welcome to study from all countries.

8. I heard that more students get visa on Friday or Monday?

No, if you are qualified and prepared you can get visa easily in any day ( except holiday)

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